Farmy Commanders – Design


After humanity managed to create sentient vegetables, they quickly met their ultimate fate. The vegetables grew a bit too smart, and decided to take over the world. Shortly after, the human race went extinct.

Nowadays vegetables rule the world, and spent most of their time fighting for territory.


Farmy Commanders is played in matches of 1 versus 1 (local versus). In a match, players will grow crops on a piece of farm land. Over a short period of time, these crops will grow into an army of vegetable warriors.

The game is meant to be played with a controller. Each player can control two armies at once, by using each analog stick to move an army around on the battlefield. In order to move more armies around for more advanced strategies, players can garrison their armies at outposts spread around the map.


Each army has three different stances: movement, offense and defense.

In the movement stance, armies will not attack but their movement speed is highly increased. The offense stance means that units of the army will attack anyone within their target. In the defense stance, units will move around slower, and will not attack. However, they will take a significantly smaller amount of damage when being attacked.

These three stances can be combined in numerous different strategies to try and take over the land.


The map consists out of three areas, with each having their own set of outposts to capture. Whenever a player captures all of the outposts within a region, the camera will shift to either the left or right (depending on who captured the area), and the battle will continue on the next front.


The left and right areas will have a large castle wall, being either one of the players base. Whenever a player manages to destroy the other players wall, they will win the match.