Potato Miners – Marketing

What are we looking for?

For the marketing of our game we are looking financial support, marketing / PR and a reliable network. Having these three elements present allows us to focus on the development of the game, so that the end result will be even better!


The current state of the game exists of a playable demo that showcases the full gameplay-loop of the concept. The mechanics of the game are set. More concent will be added for the games official release.

The game is set to release in 2020.


The Nintendo Switch platform is our main focus with Potato Miners, as the game is easy to pickup and understand, and thus (due to the local split-screen multiplayer) easy to share and play together.

Potato Miners is planned to be released on Nintendo Switch and PC.

target audience

The target audience is 12+ (twelve years and above). This target audience is based on a research paper published by Dutch Cowboys (www.dutchcowboys.nl). This research has shown that 40% of the age group 16-49 spents 6 to 14 hours on videogames a week. The 12+ target audience falls nicely together with these research results.

Due to the sense of humor found in the game the target audience age couldn’t be lowered below 12.


The project is quite small in scale, and due to the fact that it is currently being developed by one person means that the development costs can stay at a minimum.

The bigger expenses are that of setting up a company (Ltd.) and hiring freelancer voice actors for in-game voice lines (if required).

The total required budget can be viewed in the table below.

Click on the image for an enlarged view


After conducting a short research we have concluded that there most certainly is a market for ‘Potato Miners’ with its current marketing plan.

We found that the average price-range of the most popular indie-titles on Steam lays between €10 – €20 Euros.

By aiming for the lower-range price we attempt to get the most amount of players for the game. Therefor, Potato Miners will sell for €10 at release.

With these values we can now calculate the amount of copies the game needs to sell before becoming profitable:

Total costs / selling price = …

€6.289 / €10 = 629 downloads

And as you can see in the image below, the current demo has already had 858 views and 151 downloads, without ANY form of active marketing.

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I have conducted an aproximate planning for the project from this point on, visualised in the Gantt Chart seen below.

Please do note that the amount of time required for each task is an aproximation and could be slightly altered in the future.

Click on the image for an enlarged view

risks / solutions

As with all projects, there are certain risks to be aware of. I have listed the main concerns of the project below, together with their current solutions / back-up plans.

There lies the possibility that due to unexpected events I am unable to work for a certain amount of time putting the entire project on hold until I get better.

  • I will set aside a backup budget to be spent on freelancers to keep the project going under these circumstances

Nintendo might refuse to release the game on the Nintendo Switch platform.

  • Next to the Nintendo Switch, the game will also be released on PC and other platform options are still open for discussion

Do we have a deal?

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